Wednesday, February 29, 2012

210 Eastbound Grand Avenue Exit Design Complaint

If you have found this blog, then you probably have a complaint about the freeway offramp on the eastbound Grand Avenue exit of the 210 freeway, in Glendora, California.  On December 31, 2011, at night, I rode my sportbike off into the shoulder, injured myself and my passenger, but we are recovering nicely.     

My complaint is this;  There are no warning signs to reduce speed or yellow turn arrow warning signs of a sharp right turn coming after a steady incline followed by a dip in the road, so the turn is below the line of sight when driving, especially at night: it looks like the off ramp will merge back onto the freeway, and I had every intention to merge back into the freeway therefore made no effort to stop. 

I filed a complaint vs Cal Trans and will attempt to file a suit myself.  Larry Parker looked into the case, and I made some attempts at other road design complaint lawyers, and the conclusion is that unless there is substantial injury like paralysis or death, then it is not worth pursuing due to time and litigation costs. 

So, if you are severly injured by this offramp, you are not the first.  Look at how many skid marks there are on the curb. 

Gary Nakauchi

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